Tuesday, November 7, 2006

My irrational fears

I am very worried, on the whole, about the next world war, it is inevitable. Along those lines, I love the fact that no one is really talking about Russia anymore; the fact that Russia seems to be turning into a Fascist state, with persecutions of Georgians and detentions of ethnic minorities, and what seems to be a political motivated murder which has still not been solved. It seems that another “internal” conflict is on the horizon, not to mention the oppression of Muslims in the area, which could lead to the European Nations getting involved and not admitting Russia into the EU (which I have been told will never happen anyway since it is not even a candidate country).

The upcoming Asian War that seems destined to happen between Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea (and therefore the United States). Even though North Korea seems to have backed down a little.

Then there is the Middle East; the perpetual powder-keg of discord and strife. I don’t even really need to mention that there seems to be no real movement in the war in Iraq, that the Afghani government is incompetent and creating a power vacuum to suck Al Qaeda right back into powerful roles, or that Iran is freeking nuts and wants to Blow up Israel who is still constantly fighting with Palestine and Lebanon who is being controlled by Iran and Syria, or the fact that the major donator of funds and ammo to terrorist organizations continues to be Iran and the country with the major training facilities and cells remains Syria, so I wont even mention it.

Basically, I am just confused as to why all these things aren’t worrying the public enough to distract them from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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