Sunday, August 17, 2008

Obama V. McCain Who does the Military Love?

I want you to contemplate something. First, remember that one of the major arguments against the Obama campaign is lack of experience and the only other real advantage the McCain campaign has in it's warchest is McCain's military experience and pull as being a war-hero.

Now, imagine that a Decorated Retired General, who was also a former National Security Advisor and a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff endorses the young Obama?

If you haven't figured it out, I am talking about Colin Powell.

Now, this has been speculated before (1)(2) and there are even current almost (but not outright) denials of an endorsement leaning. But I feel that it hasn't been examined enough. With Willie Brown's most recent publication and a few others coming out with similar findings, I feel this is a serious win for the Obama Camp.

Imagine the moderate-republicans and military personnel who respect Powell's opinion and will move with him? What type of hit can you give someone on foreign affairs who has already wooed much of europe and the middle east with his public speaking, or on military experience when you also add the endorsement of this pivotal figure.

Just think about it.

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