Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Ok, Again, sorry for not posting as much as I should.

Been busy trying to find a new job in a bad economy.

I recently read about some disturbing comments made by pundit Rush Limbaugh.

I am not talking about his Obama the Magic Negro comments.

More recently he stated; "I hope Obama fails"

This upset me so I wrote him an open letter using my real name.

Here is the open letter;

Mr. Limbaugh,

First let me say that I do not listen to your show; I attempted to do so once, just to see what you had to say and I found it so full of meaningless jargon and yet devoid of any real content that I could barely swallow 20 minutes.

As a non-listener, and a non-fan, I know this e-mail will either be disregarded or subjected to some diatribe to attempt to publicly humiliate the subject matter but, still I attempt to reach out to a fellow American, a fellow Human.

I wish to register a complaint.

When I read that you gleefully desired to be listed as saying "I hope Obama Fails" I was not shocked or surprised.

This comment is on the tail of your "Obama the Magic Negro" debacle. I could not have been less surprised to find you throwing garish remarks about how horrible Obama's policies are when they were shockingly similar to what Bush was trying to do. What is more socialistic than the Bush administration's plan of buying up the bad assets of failing companies; public ownership of debt and business. That is an aspect of socialism.

Furthermore, stating that you wish Obama to "fail" implies that you whish his goals to fail as well. When those goals are trying to stabalize an economy spiriling the drain, to reinvigorate the work force, to cap and lower the unemployment rate; it appears that you are wishing ill on America just for petty political reasons. If this was not your intent then please, let me and the rest of America know.

I find you and your programming distasteful and detrimental to America. Yet, as a patriot and believer in the US Constitution and the rights it puts forward; I will never stoop to the level that I saw during the Mccarthyistic 9/11 rants that stated; you are either with us or against us. I will never stop people and scream at them for being "unAmerican" for voicing their concerns or beliefs. I will never call people terrorists for not siding with the current administration. I believe in the freedom of speech and will never call someone unAmerican for exercising their right to question their government, but I will call someone hypocritical.

My complaint that I wish to registers is that you are a hypocrite that seems only interested in instigating division amongst Americans. For the good of the country, I request that you take some quiet time to reflect on how your actions affect the world. Ask yourself; "Am I making the world a better place? Am I trying to fight for the good of mankind or just my pocket book and ratings?"

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