Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hi and Welcome to My Blog, or - new beginings

So, for a while now, I have been keeping a political blog under the pseudonym "Leon Cohn" to try and keep these writings and my work life separate. I would write about what ever pressing political issue came to mind that I just had to speak out on. Most times this was as a result of a discussion or disagreement in my work place. For the majority of my professional career I have worked in the Political and Advocacy Realm. Many positions were working for elected officials and I felt that it would be inappropriate to write on issues where I may hold a contrary view than my employer. If these articles got out it could cause some level of a scandal that a staffer would openly oppose the Legislator/Representative they work for.

Since I am currently unemployed in that aspect and have matured to the point where I know that there is a separation between personal beliefs and the beliefs of the work place, I have decided to actively write a blog that I can proudly take responsibility for.

Some of the posts from my old blog are going to be edited and transfered over, back dated but still over here. The majority of what I am going to be posting about will be regarding progressive news and policy ideas and environmental issues. The environmental issues that I am probably going to focus on the most are sustainability, conservation and green-economy. This, however, is always subject to change as a result of what whims take control.

Again, thank you for visiting the blog and welcome; hope you enjoy your time.

Andrew Kornblatt

P.S. - If, at any time, I am hired again onto the staff of an elected official or an advocacy agency, let it be known that the opinions expressed in this blog by no means represnent the opinions of said official or agency.

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