Friday, January 22, 2010

Special Guest Blog - Federal Decision on Campaign Finance Law

And now for a special guest blog by Angel Nova of California Bay Area band - the Phenomenauts.

I love my country, but I can't afford to give $2,000 dollars to my favorite candidates. Like most Americans, I am already at a dis advantage to People who can. If a corporation has the same rights as a person, the people who control that corporation get to give the maximum amount allowed, and then they get to give from their corporation. And if that wasn't unfair enough, now they can spend as much as they want to make adds to discredit the candidates they don't like.

As we have seen in the past, these adds don't even have to be true. The massive influence of big money corrupted the health care bill to death, it is trying to corrupt the new environmental bill, and it corrupts and skews every law that law makers make in favor of a very small minority of already advantaged people at the very top. Unfortunately, it is not in these very few peoples best interest to have a strong middle class, because they want to pay as little as they can for labor. And as we can see from history, a strong middle class is what makes us strong and prosperous.

The only way out of this mess that I can see is PUBLICLY FINANCED ELECTIONS. If you think this will cost money, you don't see the big picture. A few years ago, the top five oil companies made more money than any company in the history of the world. On top of this, they also got huge tax breaks. We are talking billions of dollars. They didn't get those tax breaks for being handsome, they got them as kickbacks for giving money to politicians so they could run for office. That is just ONE industry and it would probably pay for every candidate in the nation. It wouldn't cost money, it would make money. Imagine how much money we could save. And imagine how much more our laws would represent us the people. And imagine how strong and prosperous we would be again. Let's do it. Let's kick these [redacted] out. Let's make America a representative government again. Imagine it, a government of the people, for the people and by the people.

This has been an =Angel Nova= rant.
Science and Honor,
=Angel Nova=

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