Thursday, February 11, 2010

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A few days ago there was a rather excellent article in on It mirrored a few frustrations I have been having with the American public as a whole. The impatience that many in the middle class have with the pace of the stimulus and the nature of their demands on the government;

"[America is] a country that simultaneously demands and rejects action on unemployment, deficits, health care, climate change, and a whole host of other major problems...We want Washington and the states to fix all of our problems now. At the same time, we want government to shrink, spend less, and reduce our taxes."

We want our cake and we not only want to eat it, but we want it for free too. We as a people need to remember, as I have said before, that real and lasting change takes time and hard work. We need to move away from this collective sense of entitlement. We need to run away from the idea that we should each be given an i-pod for us to be happy. The story of the American dream used to come after a hero's quest of sweat and hard work. In the past few generations, from the "greed is good" antics of the 80's and the "dot com successes" of the 90's the 2000's only re-enforced the get rich quick mentality of our nation. We need to remember that we as a people were reminded that we were going to make sacrifices and that this was going to be a long haul. Unfortunately in this world we have an America that only want our problems solved for free. They forget that we need to fix this broken system we have to one better suited for our people. They, we, forget that that takes capital, time and hard work. We as a people need to stop being swayed by the small, meaningless things an look at the larger picture. We need to move beyond the way the world is and evolve into what it could be. The driving force can no longer be wealth building, it must be something better, something greater. Until that change, it is still business as usual.

One incident that irked me as a rational individual, a supporter of free speech and as
comic book fan was that this image was recently pulled from a Captain America comic and changed because of protest.

As explained in the blog "Palin's Q&A Fun;" "
In issue No. 602 of Captain America, the hero and his ally the Falcon find themselves at a rally where protesters hold signs that read “Tea Bag the Libs Before They Tea Bag You!” and “Stop the Socialists!” Captain America remarks that the assembly appears to be an “anti-tax thing,” and the Falcon, who is black, says he probably would not fit in with “a bunch of angry white folks.” The tea party leadership voiced their concerns at the depiction and said that it was unfair to claim that their demographics are solely "angry white folk," however it is hard to actually see individuals that are outside this descriptions at their rallies. Listening to their recent convention has provided even more frightening depictions that have been suggested at their recent rally. For example; a suggestion of "Jim-Crow"-esque laws and more fears of Tancaedo's such as his fear of non-english speakers a six-figured speech filled with poison and no real solutions, just the same old republican rhetoric. This type of behavior should not be surprising to me or anyone else in the slightest looking at what Palin has been doing.

This is not about the whole issue over her palm notes and her hypocrisy regarding Obama's teleprompters. This is about her calling out Rahm Emanuel to resign. She feels he should resign for calling liberal democrats "F-ing retarded" for attacking moderate democrats. Yet when Rush Limbaugh Did it, it was considered all fine.

A recent poll has come out that says that over
70% of Americans think Palin is unqualified and she keeps getting hits from all areas, including the White House; "Poking fun at Palin's much-mocked method for remembering her lines at a Tea Party convention last weekend - notes scribbled on her palm - [White House Spokesman Robert] Gibbs flashed his own ink-stained mitt at reporters yesterday."

And, of course, Stephen Colbert.

Comedy Central funnyman Stephen Colbert put Sarah Palin's "satire" defense over the word "retard" to the test Monday night - and used it to describe the former Alaska governor.

"We should all come to her defense and say that Sarah Palin is a f---ing retard," Colbert said.

"It's satire."

What the dems really need right now is to stop this fractionalization of the democratic party and come together to get stuff done, What we need is a new Unruh or for Obama to put his foot down like he did when he met with the GOP leadership.

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