Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Special Angel Nova Rant

According to a recent story in the news, republicans are trying to use scare tactics on most Americans to raise money.
The real story here is, DUH!! what? republicans trying to scare people? since when? Obama is a socialist, Muslim, Nazi, foreign born, commie Hitler, who wants to destroy this country with death panels and A.C.O.R.N.? Who couldn't figure out that Republicans are trying to scare dumb people? Who wondered why they don't want to spend money on education and make more Americans into dumb people? Without dumb people, all republicans have is super rich people.

RNC document caricatures Obama, appeals to fear
By JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press Writer
Thursday, March 4, 2010
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Will it surprise you when some guy blows up another federal building because he got so freaked out by the republican noise machine? What will surprise us next? That republicans are not really patriotic at all and all they REALLY care about is what the highest bidder, multinational corporation tells them to care about? Or that they are as gay as regular people but they just hide it and are dicks to gay people because it gets the votes and money of their dumb, fearful, scared of change constituents? What is going to surprise us next? That They wanted to go into Iraq before 911 and they where planning it? That the reason they tortured people was not to get good intel, but to make them say Iraq was involved even though it wasn't? Should I pretend to be surprised to find that all their buddy's companies mad a super ton of money from it? I know I sound really pissed off and it's because I am. this is bull shit, These so called patriots are dividing and destroying our beloved country for a quick buck and as an actual patriot it sickens me. Hey "Tea Bagers" figure it out!!!!!

This has been an =Angel Nova= political rant!!


  1. What's annoying is... I was an original Tea Partier. It's what we used to call Ron Paul Rallies in the 08' elections. So I see these kooks using lies and scare tactic, and feel disgusted. The original tea parties were about anti-corporatism, anti-war, individual rights, common sense, and solidarity against the Neo-Conservative AND Neo-Liberal fear machines. No I don't agree with everything any one politician says, including Ron Paul. For Instance, I'm not a pro lifer. I look at the's Neo-Con Tea Baggers and see a carefully assembled mass of retards designed to clump all Obama opposition as complete idiots who aren't even really educated at all let alone in politics, issues, or the very bills they blindly support and oppose. On the other hand, The Obamabots show the same blind patriotism, actually believing they have a liberal voice speaking for them in the oval office. A liberal voice who escalated the wars in the middle east and just successfully completed a huge merger between corporation and state.

  2. Actually saying I was an Original Tea partier is ridiculous... I'd have to be alive in the late 1700s for that.