Thursday, March 11, 2010

Insanity in Texas School System

So apparently the conservatives on the Texas school board are upset that the impression of the conservative agenda over the years has been downplayed or demonized in Texas school books. My family is from Texas and I have deep concerns with how the Texas educational system turned since Anne Richards was ousted by Bush. Now, while some may marginalize the importance of this situation by saying things like; "Well that is just the South, things have always been this way.." I want you to realize that Texas is the Nations largest buyer of books, and usually will shape some of the National curriculum just by the fact that these books are getting printed. Here is the majority of the NY Times article, the juicy bits in my mind;

The fact that these changes are even being considered confuses me; did these people not read the same books as me? The books that say, "All men are created equal" and that we must strive for that? Did they forget their own Judeo-Christian ethics? Since when was Texas so into the confederate idealization? So much about this makes me shake my head in confusion and sadness.
The board apparently decided Romero was not significant enough and while this selectivisation of history is nothing new, it is just disheartening. And while there was a back and forth between Fox News and the Education agency over this it is just another nail in the head that Texas is circling.

Take the case of Kesha Rogers, a few days ago on the third I published a link on my facebook to her site, her actual political website stating things like "the White House is controlled by Britain to shut down NASA" really crazy things. Of course now it is down but there are still remnants. Why is this significant? She won the Democratic Nominee for the House of Representatives...

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