Saturday, January 1, 2011

Green New Years Resolutions

So it is a new year; 2011. Say goodbye to the 2000 "'naughts" and move on to a new decade. And while we look back on the past year, be it for the "10 top stories in environmental politics" or the "Climate BS of the year" there is a portion of the New Year celebration that most keep relatively, if be it personally, important - resolutions. When we approach resolutions we are looking back at the past year through the framing of "I wish I had done this," or "this year I will improve upon this." Whether you are an elected official looking to use your position better, or a hard working citizen trying to make it in these tough times when we make a resolution, we are making a promise to ourselves of how to make the next year better. While thinking on this, we should remember how we can make our world's year a little bit better. While it is a new year there are still tons of green resolutions mentioned in the past that can be utilized in this new decade.

Even if you have already started touting a green bag (or several) during your grocery shopping, stopped buying bottled water (I have to say, I got my clean canteen 2 years ago and I love it, it keeps the water tasting so crisp), or even if you have switched to solely recycled toilet paper old new years resolutions lists (such as from the Daily Green or Planet Green can contain a bounty of ideas of small things that you can start doing to make the world a better place. It is especially important to look at as many resources when entities like the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi (EAD) have called on citizens to prioritize the environment when making this year's New Year resolutions.

As for myself, I am going to be pledging to go Vegetarian at least one day a week and one full week this coming year. As Planet Green mentions, the livestock industry is a huge greenhouse gas emitter.

So when making your New Years resolutions, give at least one to how to make 2011 cleaner and greener than 2010.

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