Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An open letter to Donald Trump.

Dear Donald Trump,

We are all aware of how you brought the issue of President Obama's birth records back from silence and how you sent "investigators" to Hawaii to find out about the origins of the President. I am very glad that you seem to think that you did something worthy of gloating or self-praise when all you really did was bring up a non-issue when people are out of work and can't afford to ride around in limos or boss Gary Busey around.

You pushed hard for that birth certificate. You demanded it, and when it finally was produced you said "why wasn't it produced sooner?" Ignoring the fact that such information is private and usually confidential and ignoring the fact that in any bureaucracy getting official documents take time and the fact that Obama's initial background check that he had to have when he first took office in Congress passed with flying colors, I have to say congratulations. Way to pander to the Birthers that are still out there and mix it up in the Republican Pre-Primary.

Yes, you have handled big projects and one can really see how that makes you qualified to handle the after math of horrible disasters like the BP oil spill, and of course you have worked with foreign dignitaries and large budgets throughout your professional career. While you may quable with Forbes over your "brand"'s net worth in my eyes you are a jewel.

All that being said, the part of me that wants an easy Democratic victory come the next presidential election prays that you continue to run, and that it is not a fake campaign because you are just as big of a mockery as Palin, and truly easy to beat.

Thank You,

Andrew K.

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