Sunday, April 15, 2012

Secret Service Stiff Scandal

Imagine for a moment, you belong to the U.S. Secret Service. You have dedicated your life to security, being in top physical form and mental alertness to hold the high honor of guarding the President of the United States. You are expected to lay down your life to protect the President. As a result of a Latin American economic summit, you and a dozen or so of your colleagues are sent to Colombia, a country full of violence, drugs, kidnappings and political opposition in order to prepare for this President's security. What do you and your co-workers decide to do to occupy your time? Whores, Sex workers of course.

Anywhere from 10 - 12 men, all of which belong to the U.S. Secret Service, allegedly entered a Hotel room. There, a group of women entertained these men for an unspecified time and when finished, all but one were paid for their services. One unhappy customer, a Secret Services agent, refused to pay. According to journalist Ronald Kessler who broke the story, the women with the unsatisfied customer reported the incident to the local police who reported it to the State Department who, in turn, reported it to the Secret Service.

All we really know at this point is that 11 special agents of the Secret Service were taken in to questioning and then sent home. The reasons stated as related to an incident where a number of employees, none who reported directly to Obama, were involved with prostitutes where one was not paid for her services. It is currently unclear if they were all directly involved or were associated with some form of negligence or cover-up.

We also know that the Defence Department announced that “five military personnel... violated their curfew..and had been confined to their rooms” at the same hotel as the “sex party” and are associated with the activities of the scandal.

Now, according to the State Department, Prostitution is legal in Colombia, but only within certain special zones. What is interesting here is that they don’t give a make-up of what type of prostitutes were involved. This could be far more significant than just a strange Secret Service orgy, as Colombia is a destination for “child sex tourists,” especially Cartagena, where the incident took place.

To the dumb Service Member who refused to pay, I’d like to quote my roommate on the situation; “those people [Colombian prostitutes] work at the bottom of the pickle barrel, don’t stiff them...”