Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Republicans and The Gay Block

Right now there is a document that is being circulated to be sent to the Supreme Court. It is a legal briefing asserting the constitutional right to equality for marriages between same sex partners. The action is for the upcoming hearings on California's Prop 8 which as you may recall, defined marriage in California as solely between a man and a woman. The surprising or "inconceivable" element here is that it is being supported and pushed by many prominent Republicans.

Republicans, if you will recall, had as a party previously asserted the need to protect traditional marriage for a number of reasons. In fact, many of those who have signed onto this briefing have seemingly completely reversed their position on the subject.

This new-found belief in equality may be a coming of these individuals to conscious. With the upcoming CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) coming up, this may be a breaking away of a moderate conservancy out of the radical right we have been seeing as of late into a new and more evolved party or, it could be a largely political motivated move.

The truth of the mater is that the Republicans lost the most recent Presidential election as a direct result of a few key voting blocks and issues. Social issues that conservatives traditionally oppose, such as Marijuana legalization and Homosexual Marriage won big and had huge National support. Supporting the rights for gays to marry may represent a continuing trend of the Republican party to back-peddle from the platform of the Romney election and seek out ways of attracting blocks that such as the Latino communities (though some may argue they are still bumbling with the women's issues).

The Gay community was, in fact, a critical block for the Obama win. Apparently Republicans in Congress have stated “behind closed doors” that supporting marriage equality is the future of the party but it "wasn't the time" to publicly go there. Apparently  there are those in the party that have started to think the benefit of gaining support from that community by promoting equality outweighs the cost of loosing those staunchly against it but on a Party-Wide platform, they are still the Black Sheep

This issue is something I have written about a lot and it is just interesting to see if this becomes an accepted issue. Hope that Climate Change and Eco-Sense is next on the same path towards total American acceptance.

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